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    • 推陈出新,EVC16直流充电模块全面升级
    • GVD520系列三合一驱动电机控制器,高效驱动打造低碳生活
    • 小身材,大智慧 -- 性能优异的Goodrive20系列矢量变频器
    • Self-Healing DA
      Self-Healing DA
      Ultimate goal of self-healing distribution automation is to achieve zero outage whenever any fault happens.
    • Smart Fault Locating
      Smart Fault Locating
      Smart fault locating solution is one step ahead for DA, and it utilize GPS technology to locate the faulty area.
    • Distribution Transformer Management
      Distribution Transformer Management
      It mainly monitors equipment like distribution transformers, low voltage devices and reactive power compensation device etc.

    INHE Industrial Park Was Selected As The Government Pilot Enterprise

    Recently, Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province released the second batch of comprehensive pilot projects to upgrade traditional industries, identifying 77 enterprises (projects) as municipal comprehensive pilot projects. Among them, The INHE Industrial

    Benefits of Distribution Automation in a Decentralized Energy World

    Distribution automation is becoming more important as electricity systems get flooded with distributed resources.

    Southeast Asia to invest $9.8 billion in smart grid infrastructure

    A new study conducted by Northeast Group forecasts countries in Southeast Asian will invest $9.8 billion in smart grid infrastructure between 2018 and 2027.

    Distributed Energy Is Disrupting the Power Industry: Is the Sky Falling?

    Utilities are faced with many disruptive changes in the power market. Customers are demanding cleaner energy and turning to distributed generation as a solution.


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