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Outdoor Switchgear

Automatic Sectionalizer

Automatic sectionalizer uses advanced technology, high reliability materials, strict production process. It can use on overhead distribution lines for all voltage classes rated up to 40.5kV(12kV, 24kV, 40.5kV) at 50/60Hz power system.

Automatic sectionalizer works together with recloser to futher improve feeder reliability. Automatic sectionalizer can be used in the main line of distribution network, branch line or user boundary. It detects fault and automatically isolates faulty sections of a network in conjunction with recloser operation. Sectionalizer senses current and voltage to count the number of recloser trip operations. When the preprogrammed number of recloser operations is reached, the sectionalizer opens during the recloser dead time to isolate the downstream fault.


Switchgear standard:IEC 60265-1

EMC standard: IEC 61000-4


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